Kyle is a data scientist at Stripe, a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet, where he partners with product teams creating tools for startups and platform businesses. To support product launches and complex experiments, he develops statistical methods and infrastructure. 

In his research career, Kyle worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's Center for Behavioral Economics, running a survey on financial literacy and subprime mortgages. At the University of Lausanne, he conducted experiments on brain training and economic decision-making. Kyle received a PhD in behavioral economics from the California Institute of Technology, publishing research on decision-making, health economics, and the bankruptcy rates of NFL players.

PhD, Behavioral Economics, California Institute of Technology
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Research Center for Behavioral Economics
University of Lausanne, Department of Economics
Twitter, Analytics Team
Stripe, Data Science Team
Selected Publications

“Red alert: Prenatal stress and plans to close military bases." American Journal of Health Economics. 2018.

“No Evidence of Association between Toxoplasma gondii Infection and Financial Risk Taking in Females." Joint with Lasha Lanchava, Kyle Carlson, Blanka Šebánková, Jaroslav Flegr, and Gideon Nave. PLOS ONE. 2015.

“Fear Itself: The Effects of Distressing Economic News on Birth Outcomes.” Journal of Health Economics. 2015

“Bankruptcy Rates among NFL Players with Short-Lived Income Spikes.” Joint with Joshua Kim, Annamaria Lusardi, and Colin F. Camerer. American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings. 2015.

Awards & Distinctions

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2010–2013