Keith O Hunter

Assistant Professor

Full-Time Faculty

(415) 422-5976 Malloy Hall 223


Assistant Professor Keith Hunter conducts research at the forefront of social networks, organizational behavior, and business leadership. Dr. Hunter brings a diverse background to his work that includes his experience as a military veteran and software engineer. His current research projects include planned organizational network change, structural antecedents of counterproductive workplace behavior and women’s access to mentorship in the legal profession.

Dr. Hunter's primary research interests lie at the intersection of social networks, organizational behavior, and organization development. He is particularly interested both in how social network structure is affected by targeted intervention and in how social network structure affects organizational behavior. His investigations into the patterns of interaction among people and the implications those patterns hold for human behavior are of critical significance to tomorrow's business leaders as they're closely aligned with community initiatives and goals.

Professor Hunter's work as a teacher and researcher build on his background as a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy and a software engineer highly engaged with multiple research and development initiatives. Having left the navy as a First Class Machinist's Mate, Dr. Hunter was trained in firefighting, radiological incident response, and shipboard engineering operations within the context of getting men and women to function well together not only during routine operations but during times of crisis. In addition, Dr. Hunter contributed to research and development in metaheuristic search methods as well as agent-based modeling and simulation during his 12 years as a software engineer. These experiences prepared him well to help students develop a strong appreciation of the role analytics can play in successful leadership action that is supported by evidence. Dr. Hunter pushes his students to link theory and practice through engagement with service and the critical examination of USF’s mission of social justice.

PhD Organizational Behavior and Management, Carnegie Mellon University, PA, 2011
MPhil, Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University, PA, 2011
MS, Computer Science, University of Central Florida, FL, 1997
BS, Computer Science, University of Central Florida, FL, 1994
Associate of Arts, Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL, 1991
Graduate, Naval Nuclear Power School, Orlando, FL
Prior Experience
Faculty Adviser for the USF Chapter of the Student Veterans of America
Research Areas
social networks
organizational behavior
business leadership
organization development
metaheuristic search methods
agent-based modeling and simulation

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Hunter, Keith & Michael Johnson (2005) "Agent-based Modeling of Housing Mobility," INFORMS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Awards & Distinctions

Outstanding Teacher Award, School of Management, 2016

Jesuit Award, USF Graduate Business Association, 2013, 2014 and 2016

Visiting Professor (honorary), University of Applied Sciences, Kufstein, Austria, 2016

Faculty Team Innovation Award, USF Office of the Provost, 2013

Organizational Behavior Doctoral Consortium, Academy of Management, 2009

Organizational Development and Change Doctoral Consortium, Academy of Management, 2008

Delores A. Auzenne Graduate Fellowship, 1994

Heinz College Alumni Association Board, Carnegie Mellon University, 2012-2016

Panelist and Evaluator, First Graduate