Daria Siciliano

Daria Siciliano

Adjunct Professor


Dr. Daria Siciliano received her PhD in ocean sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz, followed by a three-year postdoctoral appointment at the Naval Postgraduate School. Her research interests center on understanding the chemical, physical, and biological processes needed to maintain coastal and marine biodiversity, and the management strategies needed in the face of rapid global change. Her expertise is in coral reef ecology, and she currently uses geochemical tools to assess how global and local processes affect coral reefs.

Dr. Siciliano has worked on biodiversity assessments around the world, including in the Asia Pacific region, the Caribbean, and California. She’s particularly interested in the intersection of science and policy, and has developed unique expertise in using science diplomacy to foster multinational collaborations to sustainably manage marine and coastal resources. In addition to other work, she built and curated strong partnerships between Cuban and American scientists and policymakers, culminating in the first international management agreements in half a century, despite the lack of formal diplomatic ties between the two countries.


  • PhD., University of California, Santa Cruz