Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Asia Pacific Studies, USF
Research Fellow, Kyoto University
Japanese Studies Specialist, Japan Foundation Kansai Institute
University of Montreal, PhD in Anthropology, 2019
UC Santa Barbara, MA in Anthropology, 2006
Christian Brothers University, BS in Biology, 2001
Adjunct Professor in Anthropology, LaSalle College
Adjunct Professor in Asian Studies, University of Montreal
Adjunct Professor in Anthropology, University of Montreal
Cultural Anthropology
Asian Studies
Food Studies
Food Culture
Korean Diaspora
Ethnic and Racial Discrimination
Selected Publications

“In Search of Umami: Product Rebranding and the Global Circulation of the Fifth Taste.” Accepted in Food, Culture, and Society. ISSN: 1552-8014.

“Diaspora, Exclusion, and Appropriation: The Cuisine of the Korean Minority in Japan." Asian Pacific Perspectives 16 (2). ISSN: 2167-1699.

From Colonization to Zaitokukai: The Legacy of Racial Oppression in the Lives of Koreans in Japan.” Xavier Robillard-Martel and Christopher Laurent. Asian Ethnicity 21 (3): 393–412. 

The Many Lives of Mustards: Journey of a Familiar Condiment.” Cuizine: The Journal of Canadian Food Studies 4 (2). 

Awards & Distinctions

SSHRC Research Grant, 2018

Oxford Symposium of Food & Cookery Award, 2016

Japan Foundation Fellowship Award, 2015