Cheryl Jones-Walker

Cheryl E. Jones-Walker

Associate Professor; Faculty Coordinator

Associate Dean • Program Coordinator • Full-Time Faculty

(415) 422-4309 ED 304E


Dr. Cheryl Jones-Walker is an Associate Dean and Associate Professor in the Teacher Education Department. She began her professional career as a fourth grade teacher in the Bronx, NY, and she continued teaching in a Boston area independent school and then internationally in Gabon, Central Africa. Prior to doctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, she worked at the Center for Collaborative Education (CCE) in Boston, a non-profit organization committed to improving urban K-12 education. At CCE she was a co-director of the Pilot School Network; in this role she worked with teacher leaders, school principals and district officials to create the conditions that would foster engaging learning environments for student success. As a Principal Investigator of Blueprints, a 1.5 million grant from US Office of Minority Health, she led a partnership between Swarthmore College, the College Access Center and Crozer Hospital, to provide a network of academic, cultural and wellness support to 40 Chester youth. Her most recent publications include Identity Work in the Classroom: Successful Learning in Urban Schools and a chapter in Transforming the Academy: Faculty Perspectives on Diversity & Pedagogy.

PhD, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum - University of Pennsylvania
Urban Education
Black/Cultural Studies
Critical Educational Policy
Anthropology of Education