Cathal Doherty SJ

Cathal Doherty SJ

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A native of County Donegal in the north of Ireland, Cathal Doherty is a Jesuit priest of the Irish province. Prior to joining the faculty at USF in the academic year 2015-16, he previously taught at Boston College and University College Dublin, Ireland. A linguist turned theologian, he completed doctoral degrees in theology (Boston College) and theoretical linguistics (University of California, Santa Cruz).

His main research interests lie in dogmatic, especially sacramental theology, in addition to linguistics and the philosophy of religion. His most recent research centers on the nature-supernature relation, sacramental causality and Maurice Blondel’s realist phenomenology of human action.

He is a member of the American Catholic Philosophy Association, Academy of Catholic Theologians and Linguistics Society of America


  • Program Director, Catholic Studies

Selected Publications

  • Doherty, C. (2018). The Symbiosis of Philosophy and Theology in Maurice Blondel’s Supernatural Hypothesis. Theological Studies. 79(2), pp. 274-293.
  • Doherty, C. (2017). Maurice Blondel on the Supernatural in Human Action: Sacraments and Superstition. Brill’s Series in Catholic Theology. Boston & Leiden, Brill.
  • Doherty, C. (2007). The Language of Identity and the Doctrine of Eucharistic Change. Irish Theological Quarterly 72, pp. 242–250.
  • Doherty, C. (2000). Clauses without ‘that’: the case for bare sentential complementation in English. Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics series, New York, Routledge.
  • Doherty, C. (2000). Residual Verb Second in Early Irish: on the nature of Bergin’s Construction. Diachronica 17(1) pp. 5-38.