Brian Budds

Brian Budds

Assistant Professor; Population Health Leadership DNP Program


Assistant Professor Brian Budds is a practicing attorney and a nurse practitioner. His clinical background includes extensive work in HIV care, including primary care and clinical research in drug development. He consults regularly with state and county governments and healthcare institutions on disaster preparedness, especially the use of licensed healthcare volunteers in disasters. His legal work focuses on healthcare compliance and physician peer review. He also teaches in the USF Doctor of Nursing Practice program and has championed collaborative, inter-professional education. He is a member of the board of directors of the Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach.


  • Education and Training
  • Strategic Planning, Emergency Response Planning, Analysis, and Research
  • Legal/Healthcare Compliance
  • Product Management


  • Co-Director, Population Health Leadership DNP Program
  • Chair, Health Leadership & Innovation Department


  • JD, University of San Francisco, Magna Cum Laude, Law Review
  • MS., Nursing, University of California, San Francisco - Cum Laude, Adult Nurse Practitioner Program
  • BS., Nursing, Oregon Health Sciences University - Cum Laude
  • BA., English, Fordham University

Additional Information

Publications & Presentations

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"Public Health Law—What Can We Learn from San Francisco in 1900?" Presentation to Health Policy class in Master of Public Health program, November 2012

"Introduction to Public Health Law" Presentation to Social Justice, Health Policy, Ethics and Public Health Law class in Masters in Public Health program, USF, August 2012

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"Legal Issues for Nurse Practitioners," Presentation given yearly to UCSF Nurse Practitioner Students, 2008-2012

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