MS Organization Development Alumni Roundtable Chat

5:30PM - 6:30PM
Online ZOOM

The OD Practitioner's Grand Challenge: Fostering Employee Engagement in the Era of Quiet Quitting

As change agents, OD practitioners are called upon to help organizations navigate an array of "grand challenges." One such challenge is fostering continued employee engagement in a post-pandemic world punctuated by economic uncertainty, hybrid work models, and the see-saw between the "great resignation" and "quiet quitting." In this session, MSOD alums share the strategies their teams have developed to help transform employee malaise into employee engagement and guide their organizations on the road to becoming great places to work.


  • Dr. Neil Walshe - Professor, Organizational Behavior, USF
  • Erin Connolly - HR Partner Specialist, Accenture (MSOD 2019)
  • Erika Malfavon Alvarez - Director, Operations, Felton Institute (MSOD 2022)