MS in Data Science - Seminar Series

12:30PM - 2:00PM
On-Campus Event - SFH Downtown

Maxine Qian: Senior Data Scientist at Pinterest

Introduction of the speaker:Maxine Qian is a Senior Data Scientist at Pinterest. Her work is centered around developing new measurement solutions to improve the quality and velocity of product development. In particular, she focuses on ML platforms, experimentation, and ads measurement. She received an M.S. degree in Data Science from USF in 2017 and a B.S. degree in Economics from Wuhan University in 2012.

Abstract:Ideas fuel innovation. The speed of innovation is the key for a business to remain competitive in today's market. It is often determined by how quickly and reliably we can get signals or feedback on the promise of an idea so we can learn whether to pursue or pivot. This talk will give a high-level overview of how we drive the data science innovation cycle at Pinterest. We'll also cover three examples of how it has shaped the quality and velocity of product development.