LinkedIn Beyond Basics Workshop: Networking

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Online Zoom

LinkedIn Beyond Basics Workshop: Networking with LinkedIn

The purpose of the workshop is to describe how to use LinkedIn for networking. The workshop is led by Professor Taryn Vian, and is sponsored by the CPHP and HPL concentrations but open to all MPH students.

The workshop is offered on two dates, for maximum flexibility. Please RSVP for one of these online workshops. Registration required.

Course content includes the following topics:

  1. What is “networking”?
  2. 6 networking activities and why they are important
  3. Making and receiving contact requests
  4. 4 suggestions of how to connect to people on LinkedIn
  5. The value of personal messages in contact requests
  6. How to use your email contact list to build connections in LinkedIn
  7. How to connect with people in the USF Community 
  8. How to follow organizations 
  9. How to join groups
  10. The value of posting and commenting on posts of others

We hope you will be able to attend!