How to Negotiate and Choose the Right Job Offer

Thursday, May 13 5 – 6 p.m.

Online - Zoom

University of San Francisco Graduate Nonprofit Degree
Choosing a job offer is a complex decision. There are personal and professional factors that have to be taken into account all while trying to make sense of what the company is presenting to you.
In this webinar, we will share some of the real-life negotiation tactics companies use in the technology industry. We'll also discuss how to make informed career decisions and the mistakes candidates frequently make in the process. Other discussion topics include:
  •  How to understand your market value
  • How to optimize your recruiting for career success rather than simply employment
  • How to understand your leverage in an offer negotiation

This webinar is open to all alumni but will be tailored to the technology industry.

About Ralph-Ralph provides Career Agents to help you find your dream job, inform you of the hiring market, and negotiate compensation for candidates in AI/ML/SWE/DS. We have helped hundreds of candidates negotiate offers at Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many startups.