The Inner and Outer Work of Social Justice

Thursday, March 18 4 – 5 p.m.

Online - Zoom

We are living in a time of interlocking pandemics: COVID-19, structural racism, and political divisiveness permeate our lives. We are all vulnerable, and yet some are in greater need of justice in law and policy than others. How might we explore the possible in this new era, and incorporate learning from voices and viewpoints at the margin? How do we sustain ourselves and our communities as we seek to create a more just world? Please join USF Law Professor Rhonda Magee in contemplative conversations with leading experts and scholars as they explore the ways mindfulness practices can sustain, heal, and ultimately contribute to justice.

Join us today as Prof. Magee speaks with Marisa Rodriguez, '08 JD,  Director of the Office of Cannabis for the City and County of San Francisco.  As a former member of the SF District Attorney's Office and a current city administrator, Director Rodriguez will discuss her current work in law and public policy on behalf of the City of San Francisco, and she'll discuss how her personal mindfulness and other practices have helped keep her strong across a variety of important law enforcement, policy-making, leadership and community-enhancing roles.