2021 Global Women's Rights Forum: Gendered Ecologies

Monday, March 8 1 – 2:05 p.m.

Online - Zoom

Global Women's Rights Forum Logo with Orange Background

Join us for a panel with Reanne Lacosta, Adrienne Johnson, students from BIPOC Students for the Environment

This online event and gallery is motivated by feminist understandings of, and perspectives on, human-nature relations to explore how gender mediates experiences of the environment. It aims to create a public platform where students can present and discuss artistic pieces which grapple with issues associated with gendered interactions with nature.

Prior to the Zoom event, attendees will be encouraged to visit Gleeson Library’s Gender and Environment online art gallery. The gallery features various art pieces by students the Spring 2020’s class, Gender and Environment (taught by Adrienne Johnson). These pieces will act as fodder for a public discussion. Second, during the Global Women's Rights Forum, we plan to host an hour-long Zoom discussion event where 5-6 student panelists will briefly talk about their artistic piece and what inspired them. This will then lead to a larger facilitated discussion about how forms of oppression (racism, sexism, heterosexism, colonialism, etc.) have shaped and continue to shape our varied xperiences with the environment.