MSDS Seminar Series in Data Science: Dealing with Stagnation in your Career; My Machine Learning story with Mark Saroufim

Friday, March 5 12:30 – 2 p.m.

Online - Online

Registration required: RSVP here.

man presenting, students watching
man presenting, students watching

A recent article Mark wrote went viral ( and it discusses the many ways in which academic ML has stagnated and has started rewarding incremental work. Some of the most common questions he's gotten since have been "Should I still pursue a PhD in Machine Learning?", "How can I get that FAANG job?", "How can I set myself up to start my own innovative company?". Mark has the dubious honor of having tried every single career path in tech and will share his learnings and stagnations. Why people miss the mark completely when it comes to risk and why COVID represents the single biggest opportunity in history for engineers that know how to write.

Mark Saroufim is a Machine Learning Engineer at Graphcore working on Graph Neural Networks and Distributed Model Training. In his past lives Mark has failed to start a billion dollar company, worked as Product Manager, Developer and Applied Scientist at Microsoft. Mark is the author of the and regularly streams accessible Machine Learning tutorials on YouTube.