Ignatian Discernment as a Way to Deepening Relationship with God

Thursday, October 29 9 – 10 a.m.

Online - Zoom

Lake Tahoe

Discernment of spirits is not a new human invention; nor is it a new insight into the spiritual life. Spiritual gurus across spiritual traditions throughout the centuries have discerned their thoughts and desires because they know that our thoughts and desires can determine our choice and action, which in turn, can alter the direction of our life for good or bad. The contemporary spiritual writer, Donald Rolheiser, observes, “There are two kinds of spirituality: One gives life; the other destroys life.” I have chosen the title, “Ignatian Discernment as a Way to Deepening Relationship with God” to underscore the point that Ignatian discernment, like other types of Christian discernment, aims to assist Christians to discern so as to choose the path of life that is fulfilling and to avoid the path that leads to destruction. The path to a fulfilling life presupposes one’s desire to realize and to accept God’s love, to deepen that love in the choices one makes to follow God’s call, and to celebrate that love in the service of others.

The Joan and Ralph Lane Center's Lo Schiavo Faculty in Residence Joseph Nguyen, S.J. will deliver this lecture.