PASJ Student Cabaret: Intro to PASJ

Thursday, September 26 8 – 10 p.m.

Lone Mountain Main - LM 148 - Studio Theatre

Free Event

Performing Arts Department's 2019 Freshmen Class

The Performing Arts Department presents the Fall 2019 Student Cabaret featuring first year students from PASJ 110

As PASJ approaches its 20th anniversary, students of multiple performing arts disciplines collaborate to create and present a variety of works. Produced by Byron Au Yong, PASJ students showcase their artistic talent as well as their passion for creating change towards a more equitable society. All performances, known or original, are presented by first year and transfer PASJ majors. Through various performance styles, dance, music, and theater, get a taste of USF’s progressive arts program at the Intro to PASJ Cabaret.