MS in Data Science Seminar Series

Friday, April 27 12:30 – 2 p.m.

Off-Campus Event - 101 Howard St., Room 150

All talks are streamed live on our Facebook page. Coffee is provided at the in-person seminar.

View of USF's Downtown Campus building

Data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have revolutionized business. The same techniques can make an impact in the social sector. However, there is a skills gap. Often the people that know the most about how to improve the world do not have the necessary data skills. Brian Spiering will discuss two ways to close the analytical skill in the social sector: partnership and education.

Partnership means building bridges between people working at social impact organizations (nonprofits, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations) and people who already have the skills (data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers). This way is the fastest way to realize impact. Brian will share how DataKind San Francisco Bay Area and Delta Analytics both match data practitioners to social impact organizations.

Education means training the people who work at social impact organizations and who have the domain knowledge in the necessary the skills to be data-savvy. The goal is to have lasting impact by democratizing machine learning and artificial intelligence. Brian will discuss the "Machine learning for good” course by Delta Analytics. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to contribute through partnership or education to help improve the world through data.

Dr. Brian Spiering is a new faculty member in the Computer Science department at USF. He teaches humans the languages of computers (primarily Python) and teaches computers the languages of humans (through Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence). He is active in the San Francisco tech community through volunteering and mentoring.