Activism Day: ArtIvism: Art in Social Practice Workshop

Wednesday, March 21 6:30 – 8 p.m.

Cowell Hall - CO 107 - Classroom

Art by Elizabeth Blancas
Art by Elizabeth Blancas

For 48 years, Galería de la Raza has defined itself as a place of cultural affirmation and self-discovery and has emerged as an international forum for the examination and expression of artistic concepts central to the Chicano/Latino experience —concepts such as community memory, popular culture, ceremony, family and social activism. Our work is rooted in art as a social practice, which champions human rights and infuses artivism into our day-to-day lives and in every corner of our communities.

Ani Rivera is from the borderlands of San Diego/Tijuana, Ms. Rivera moved to San Francisco in 1999. Her early career included work with children, youth, and families providing enrichment and direct services. She found a passion for non-profit community development sector and has over a decade of non-profit administrative experience. Ms. Rivera joined Galería de la Raza in 2004 and served as the Business Manager through 2007; she later joined the Board of Directors in 2010. In 2012, she once again returned to the Galería as the Executive Director. Currently, her work explores the intersections of community development, art and social practice with a focus on creating equitable and sustainable communities whose practices center on understanding how power, access, and resources can be used in the service of justice. She is a proud Board Member of the Chicana/Latina Foundation of Northern California, whose mission is to empower Chicana/Latinas in higher education through scholarship and leadership training.  In addition, Ms. Rivera serves as the Corridor Co-Coordinator for the Mission Bernal Merchants Association, a group that works to implement beautification and safety projects in her local neighborhood.

Elizabeth Blancas is a first generation queer Xicana artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She strives to use art as a tool for resistance as well as a celebration of her community. Elizabeth specializes in muralism and screen printing; exploring themes around culture, identity, womanhood, and sexuality.

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