The March 2018 Russian Presidential Election: Perspectives from Europe, the US and Asia

Wednesday, March 7 5 – 7 p.m.

Fromm Hall - FR 111 - Broad Conference Room

Sponsored by the Asian Studies Program and the International Studies Department. 

Photo of President Vladimir Putin

Sharon Tennison, President of Center for Citizen Initiatives (CCI), will discuss her time spent with Vladimir Putin in 1992 and her close watch of him since. She has numerous colleagues who worked with Putin which will give a window in on this inscrutable character. Since 1983, CCI has made major contributions to US-Russian relations, among them taking AA to the USSR and training over 6,000 young Russian entrepreneurs in American companies, thus giving a boost to business development across the new Russia. Her slides will give a glimpse of Russia under Putin. 

Filip Kovacevic is a professor of International Studies at USF, where he teaches courses on international relations, Eastern Europe, and other topics. A native of Montenegro, Professor Kovacevic has written extensively about the geopolitics of the region and of Russia in particular. He will discuss the implications of the March 18 presidential election for Russia and the world as a whole.