School Counseling Program

Ana Belen Anguiano - Alumni Ambassador

Program: School Counseling
Hometown: Larkspur, CA 
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Why USF?

I picked USF because of the strong focus on social justice and systematic change. I wanted to be part of a program that would give me the tools to become a change agent both within a school setting and in the greater community.

What has been the highlight of your program so far?

The biggest highlight for me has been the strong sense of community among my peers and professors. Being taught by diverse professors in a small class size has undoubtably been the most conducive to my education.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

If you have the opportunity to attend an open house event, go! There is nothing like stepping foot on campus, taking a look for yourself, and feeling like home.

Favorite Bay Area Restaurant:

San Tung Chinese Restaurant