Marriage and Family Therapy MA

Sergio Lua

Sergio Lua, Marriage and Family Therapy MAProgram: Marriage & Family Therapy MA, San Francisco Campus
Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Why did you choose USF?

It was a matter of choosing among several good MFT programs in the bay area. USF’s sense of community and the high levels of attentiveness and professionalism paid to me by the university staff attracted my interest. Very specifically, I appreciated the immediate responses I received from Donna Sellers every time I had a question or concern. Once in the program, I felt (and still feel) treated as more than a student, I felt treated as a family member.

What has been a highlight of your program or USF so far?

I admire the extensive experience and knowledge that each professor possesses. I continue to appreciate the immediate responses from faculty and staff when a concern or question is raised.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Learn about the wide of resources offer to students in the MFT program that are in addition to the standard course curriculum. USF offers to MFT students, resources such as workshops, conferences, and symposiums presented by mental health professionals. Consider the environment. USF has a rich diverse student body. Many of the students have experience in the mental health profession and are very open to sharing their perspectives. 
Do not think twice about joining this amazing institution where everyone truly cares about each other. I am confident that coming to this program at USF will definitely change your life as it changed mine. 

What is your favorite San Francisco (or Bay Area) restaurant?

My favorite restaurant in the bay area is "Kabul Afghan Cuisine" located in the city of San Carlos. I recommend their shrimp kabab entree.

Stephanie Amaya

Program: Marriage & Family Therapy MA
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
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Why USF?

USF gave me a flexible schedule with work. The Santa Rosa campus gave me convenience to work all week and go straight to school. I really liked how friendly the staff was at the open house that I attended and it made me feel welcomed and a part of the school before I had even applied. The way the program in Santa Rosa is run with a class at a time, although at a quick speed, I believe it is nice to focus on one subject at a time. This really drew me in because I am still working full time and making the most of my educational experience. The next piece that drew me to this was the cohort model and the support system that it would provide throughout the years.

What has been the highlight of your program thus far?

I have really enjoyed the faculty that is teaching our courses. They have been so insightful about the field that I am interested. They each have their own teaching style and have been able to answer questions about the subject we are learning with real life experiences. I also have loved my cohort. I feel very lucky at how close we have grown and how supportive everyone is with each other. This is a highlight because it is nice to have a support system through out the courses and knowing that you will continue these relationships through life. They will be my colleagues when we are graduated and will have great connection.

What advice for prospective students?

If they are contemplating it my advice would be to just go for it. To just turn in your application and get ready for the next chapter in their life. I will say to be prepared for the workload but know that as long as you can manage your time it is possible! A planner will be their best friend.

Favorite Bay Area Restaurant?

Mi Ranchito

Christina Delnevo

Christina DelnevoName: Christina Delnevo
Program: Marriage & Family Therapy MA, Santa Rosa Campus
Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Why did you choose USF?

Going back to school to get my Masters in Psychology in Marriage and Family Therapy was a career change (previous CPA) and a big decision for me, so I wanted to go to one of the best schools in the Bay Area. Since day 1, I have been amazed by the kindness and support offered to me by the staff, students and faculty. Every person I've come across at USF has been excited to be a part of this great program and community and is just as passionate about helping others as I am. USF offers quality education that is social justice focused taught by excellent professors who are all currently working in the field offering great advise and insight.

What has been the highlight of your program thus far?

My Cohort! I am fortunate to be a part of a fantastic Cohort who I get the pleasure of going on this three year journey with. We are a diverse group of people coming from an array of backgrounds and experiences and I love learning from each of them everyday. At first, I was nervous about joining this program having no background or experience in Psychology, but my Cohort and Professors have been so welcoming and understanding and I've had absolutely no trouble getting up to speed.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Be openminded and ready for this beautiful and amazing journey! I never would have thought in a million years that I would be on this path, but being fluid and openminded has allowed me to learn so much about my own brain, mind and body which will allow me to do good work and help those in my community in need. Also, there is a lot of reading but read it! It's so interesting and amazing all the things that you will learn during your time at USF. Take advantage of the experienced professors and all of the knowledge and resources they offer!

Favorite Bay Area Restaurant: 

There are so many, but the first few that come to mind are; Sol Food (San Rafael), Mi Familia Taqueria (San Anselmo), MH Bread and Butter Bakery (San Anselmo) and Kamza Sushi Palace (El Cerrito)


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