Our students, future educators, are dedicated to service and research that directly impacts our communities.

Kathryn Marcouiller, Teaching MA Student

The Teacher Education Master's program gives students the opportunity to get practical experience alongside a theoretical component. With the knowledge and insight that I have gained I feel as prepared as possible. After a long day is done these classes still provide a space to reflect on the theory, on the profession, on our values and on the meaning of education.

– Kathryn Marcouiller, Teaching MA - Single Subject Credential

McKenna Taylor, Teacher Education Student

One of the courses I have taken, Currents and Controversies, is one of the most thought-provoking and challenging classes I have taken. This class requires us to critically think and respond to the political undercurrents in education, where we stand, and what the implications are for our current and future students.

Our professor creates a classroom environment where one walks in with their set beliefs and walks out pondering them: what are we willing and unwilling to compromise and why? How do our own experiences of privilege and oppression shape our thinking? Together, we undergo an ongoing cycle of questions and revelations that directly relate to our teaching practices.

– McKenna Taylor, Teaching MA - Single Subject Credential