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Alex Day

Student, Urban Education & Social Justice MA with Single Subject Credential

Why did you choose USF?

Alex Day, Urban Education & Social Justice StudentI chose USF's Urban Education & Social Justice MA with credential program because a professor at San Francisco State University who I respected for his deep commitment to social justice, highly recommended it to me. His description of the program, as a place where faculty and students have a strong justice orientation, has also been reflected in the broader School of Education - as well as USF as a whole. This promise of strong community was a major draw for me to come to USF's UESJ program.  

What has been a highlight of your program (or USF) so far?

The interpersonal and professional relationships that I have formed with faculty and students have been a major highlight of my experience at USF and with the Urban Education and Social Justice program. These relationships have been invaluable resources for emotional, academic, and professional support.

What advice do you have for prospective students? 

Think about what you want to do after you complete your program, and see how well the program you're inquiring into lines you up to do that. Ask about what type of internships/student teaching are available, and how these opportunities integrated into the program. Talk to current students and — if at all possible — graduates of the program who have gone into a profession that you would consider.

What is your favorite san francisco (or Bay area) restaurant? 

This is definitely the hardest question...Since I love eating at restaurants where they serve food I have no idea how to make, I'll have to go with Enssaro (, an Ethiopian restaurant on Grand Ave. near Lake Merritt (shout out to the 510!). Get either the Vegetarian or Meat Combos. If someone in your group is gluten free, make sure to call ahead and ask them about whether they have gluten free "injera" (which is the "bread" you use to eat all the dishes).

Alex is an SOE Student Ambassador. Contact him to get the current student perspective:

I selected USF because of its commitment and values toward social justice and servant leadership. Several of my mentors are alumni of USF and I hope to one day be a mentor to others who want to serve people and be an advocate and agent for social justice. A highlight has been the learning community and friendship that has grown from my cohort and teachers in the UESJ program. We all support and believe in each other.

Gabriel de la Cruz, UESJ Alumnus