Scholarships & Aid

In addition to general School of Education scholarships, School Counseling students may also be eligible for the following program-specific funding opportunities.

Social Justice Scholars

School counselors have great potential to be transformative change agents who collectivize with urban schools and communities to harness students’ cultural strengths. This scholarship is awarded to School Counseling graduate students who demonstrates outstanding dedication and vision for equitable conditions in urban schools. The award is given in the form of tuition remission of 3 credits.

  • Criteria: Student must demonstrate
    - previous and current experience in community service and engagement;
    - commitment to developing partnerships with under-resourced youth in school contexts; and
    - plans to conduct fieldwork in a diverse public school in high-need community.
  • Application Process: Submit a copy of your résumé and a 1-2 page, single-spaced essay describing how you fit the above criteria. The essay should also delineate your experience and vision to work with under-resourced youth in school contexts. Submit all materials to Dr. Malik S. Henfield (
  • Deadline: September 15, 2015
  • Priority Areas: Bilingual and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) issues and concerns are the social justice priority areas for this funding cycle:
    • Bilingual Priority Area: There are at least 112 languages spoken in the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe that the bilingual/multilingual school counselors possess important cultural assets (such as languages spoken) that have the potential to support students, their families, and a successful school environment.
    • LGBT Priority Area: The purpose of this area is to encourage and advance LGBT scholarship within the field of school counseling. This award will be given to a School Counseling graduate student with a demonstrated commitment to LGBT issues within school-based settings.

School Counseling Program Class Representatives

Two second year students will be selected to serve as School Counseling Class Representatives under the Graduate Assistantship funding. Class representatives are chosen through faculty nomination. The award is given in the form of tuition remission of 3 credits during the fall semester of their second year at USF. The faculty are asked to nominate second year students who demonstrate:

  • Criteria: Student must demonstrate
    - outstanding dedication to the School Counseling Program;
    - leadership qualities; and
    - strong commitment to social justice.
  • Class representatives work together to coordinate a social justice initiative to be developed with the Program Coordinator. Class representatives work closely with the Coordinator and faculty to ensure the needs of the program are being met. Duties include administrative tasks, first year orientation, program events for faculty and students, alumni data collection, regular meetings, information collection for the website, newsletter, graduation, SCP board, and community building with peers and colleagues.
  • Application Process: After student is selected by faculty and the SCP Coordinator, student must submit a Graduate Assistantship Application which includes a résumé and two single-spaced paragraphs outlining plans for a social justice initiative and outreach for the upcoming academic year as School Counseling Class Representatives. 
  • Application Deadline: June 1
  • Inquiries should be directed to Donna Sellers, the Counseling Psychology Department Program Assistant. 
  • More information about the School of Education Graduate Assistantship can be found on the Financial Resources page.

Research Scholarship in Ethnic Identity, Coping & Mental Health

Research Assistant to conduct research on topics related to academic development, immigration, racism, poverty, coping, identity, and mental health among Asian American and Pacific Islander youth and their families. The award is given in the form of tuition remission of 3 credits during the fall semester of their second year at USF.

  • Responsibilities include literature searches and summaries, survey development, coding, data collection, and data entry. Experience in SPSS 19.0 and in conducting literature searches is required. Verbal and written fluency in an Asian or Pacific Islander language is desired but not required. Research scholars receive a total of 3 credits of tuition remission for 4 hours/week of work during the academic year.
  • Applicants should submit their résumé and 1-2 paragraphs describing their research interests and previous experience to Dr. Christine Yeh.

Research Scholarship in Social Justice Orientation & Educational Outcomes

A 3 credit tuition remission for the fall semester is offered to a graduate research assistant in the School Counseling Program. Areas of research include themes related to social justice orientation development in youths, the development of critical consciousness of systems of oppression and transformational resistance. Other themes of research may include school cultural climate, bilingualism, and other cultural factors associated with the educational achievement in Latina/o students.

  • Research activities/schedule is 4 hours/week during the academic year. Research experience and activities may include, but are not limited to literature searches, summarizing articles, organization of research information, writing, transcribing and coding qualitative data, quantitative data entry and analysis using statistical packages such as SPSS.
  • Applicants should submit their résumé and a two-paragraphs essay describing their research interests and/or experience. Applications are due by the end of the spring semester and should be submitted to Dr. Pérez-Gualdrón.