CEL MA Summer Session (formerly known as Summer West)

Graduate programs and professional development for educators in Catholic schools.

We should be influencing those who will influence others."


Summer Session - CEL is a program of profound influence. For over thirty years, it's been shaping Catholic educational practice, discussion, and research, both nationally and internationally. We're priveleged to invite you to become part of it. You'll be furthering the vision of St. Ignatius Loyola, an educator who valued critical thinking and social responsibility.

Summer Session - CEL is flexible. You can take it as a graduate program, or for CEU Credits. Scholarships are also available.

Catholic Social Thought

Dr. Erin Brigham
June 10 - 14 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

This one-week intensive will challenge students to engage the Catholic social tradition in light of contemporary social issues. Familiarity with the Catholic social tradition is an asset for anyone working within or alongside Catholic institutions. Because this course presents the Catholic social tradition as a resource for engaging contemporary social issues, it is meant to enrich students in diverse professional contexts. (This course fulfills a core requirement of the CEL MA and EdD program)

Mission & Development in Catholic Schools

Dr. Michael Duffy
June 17 - 21 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
Mission and Development are at the core of the Catholic School. Mission is what we are about. Development allows us to achieve our mission and goals. Strategic plans emerge from Mission and Development. Catholic Identity is articulated and manifested through mission and development. The course will explore models and meanings of mission and development. The course will allow students to explore deeper meanings of both, to think differently and challenge current structures and frameworks, in order to build strong, sustainable, asset based, faith filled institutions of integrity.(This course fulfills a core requirement of the CEL MA and EdD program)

The Catholic Church, Social Justice and Immigrant Education

Dr. Ursula Aldana
June 24 – 28 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
Catholic education includes a tradition of serving ethnically diverse, immigrant groups prompted by a commitment to social justice and serving on the margins. This course explores the models of immigrant education Catholic schools and more broadly the Catholic Church employ when accompanying immigrant communities in the United States. Students will engage with local and global Catholic organizations, schools and leaders committed to immigrant education and rights as they develop a framework of best practices when working with immigrant communities. (This course fulfills the requirement of an elective course in the CEL MA and EdD program.)

The cost of each 5 day workshop is $275.00 (which includes breakfast).

Students who do not wish to receive graduate credit, but wish to attend, can register as a workshop participant.

Accommodation is available on USF's campus campus (Saturday – Friday each week). The costs is $480 for a single apartment, $375.00 for a shared apartment.
To reserve accommodation please contact our program assistant, Yunni Gutierrez, at ygutierrez6@usfca.edu.

Students must purchase their own textbooks, once registered they will be informed of what is required.

For further information on the school in general, please contact schoolofeducation@usfca.edu, or (415) 422-5467.