CEL MA Summer Session (formerly known as Summer West)

Graduate programs and professional development for educators in Catholic schools.

We should be influencing those who will influence others."


Summer Session - CEL is a program of profound influence. For over thirty years, it's been shaping Catholic educational practice, discussion, and research, both nationally and internationally. We're privileged to invite you to become part of it. You'll be furthering the vision of St. Ignatius Loyola, an educator who valued critical thinking and social responsibility.

Summer Session - CEL is offered as a graduate program. For questions about the application process, please contact schoolofeducation@usfca.edu. Scholarships are also available.

Class Schedule

June 14 - July 2

Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

If USF is still online during the summer classes will meet synchronously daily from 2-5 p.m. PST and asynchronously according to the students schedule.


Student Centered Schooling in Catholic Education

June 14 - June 18

Study of critical theories related to student learning and critical thinking across the K-12 context. Students will examine pedagogical approaches and review materials, research, and methods related to student centered learning and development. In the course, students will focus on how moving towards a student-centered curriculum improves critical thinking and learning. In this course students will understand how Catholic education requires a focus on how we can enhance and center the student.

Special Topic—Mission & Identity in Catholic Education

June 21 - 25 

Contemporary society poses questions and challenges to the understanding and articulation of a traditional Catholic Mission and Identity. However, Pope Francis and other Catholic thinkers are igniting a new enthusiasm to recognize the vibrancy of our Catholic tradition. This course is designed to explore the deeply traditional and the newly emergent Catholic Mission and Identity taking shape in the world today.

Catholic Identity need not be applied equally at a Catholic school, at a Catholic social service agency, and a Catholic healthcare facility. These institutions have their own unique missions and require different expertise. Catholic Mission and Identity should respond to the needs of these communities instead of applying a narrow ideology. This course will encapsulate a broad approach to Catholic Mission and Identity grounded in tradition, sacrament, the Catholic intellectual tradition, Catholic social thought, and the lived reality of the people of God.

Special Topic—Private School Law & Human Resources

June 28 - July 2

This course addresses legal issues applicable to Catholic schools: structures of the law; the legal process; and the legal rights and responsibilities of educators, parents, and students. This course will provide students with an understanding of school law as it pertains to Catholic schools. Students will explore a history of school law in the United States and the laws that affect Catholic education. Legal cases will be cited throughout the course with an explanation of the legal reasoning behind court decisions. The importance of sound policies and school handbooks will provide a practical framework for the course content. USF’s professional education programs are dedicated to “Preparing Educational Leaders for Diverse Learning Communities.”

Accommodation is available on USF's campus (Saturday – Friday each week). The costs is $480 for a single apartment, $375.00 for a shared apartment.
To reserve accommodation please contact our program assistant, Thanh Ly, at tnly@usfca.edu.

Students must purchase their own textbooks, once registered they will be informed of what is required.

For further information on the school in general, please contact schoolofeducation@usfca.edu, or (415) 422-5467.