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Rebecca Loboschefsky, Organization & Leadership Ed.D. Student

What is your background and education?

Rebecca Loboschefsky, Organization and Leadership EdD StudentI am earning a Doctorate in Organization and Leadership and a minor in Digital Media Learning from USF. I have taught multi-subjects from Pre-Kindergarten to Fourth grade in both public and private schools in California and Texas. I have also been a Physical Education teacher and coached middle school students in volleyball. In addition to teaching, I have served as the Center Director for Head Start and mentored Prekindergarten teachers.

In 2013, I served on the Graduate Senate Association Committee as President-Elect. I also presented on Classroom Management: The Positive Behavior Management Systems Approach” at the 49th Biennial Convocation in Dallas, Texas. In mid-November of 2014, I began serving as President for the University of San Francisco’s Phi Delta Kappa Education Society. In January 2015, I will present on “Mentorship Brings Change for Women in the 21st Century” at 13th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education in Honolulu.

My M.Ed. and my undergraduate degree are from Texas State University where I concentrated in Curriculum and Instruction. I currently serve as a Cal State East Bay University Supervisor for post-baccalaureate student teachers and mentor future educators.

How did you develop and interest in this field?

At an early age, I developed a love for learning and teaching. I would line up my dolls and teach them how to read and write. I will never forget my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Hajek and her determination to help me fall in love with reading and learning. She inspired me to follow my dream of becoming an educator and life-long learner.

What areas of education are you interested in and why?

Women's studies and higher education because I want to make a difference for future generations to come and leave behind a legacy to others that anything in life is possible through hard work, perseverance, and dedication.

What are your favorite parts about the O&L doctoral program at USF?

The sense of community among my colleagues and professors, networking, and the opportunity to work with others who want to give back to the world just as much as I do.

Why did you choose USF?

The primary reason I chose to earn my doctorate at USF is because of its values. Dr. Patricia Mitchell, Department Chair of Leadership Studies, and her supporting faculty are among the most knowledgeable experts in their fields. Learning from them in the Doctoral Organization and Leadership Program is a priceless experience. They exemplify the personal and professional behavior that promotes positive growth in all students.

With such a dedicated faculty, it's no wonder USF has such a warm family atmosphere. It makes me feel like my opinions and thoughts are valued as opposed to being just a number on a roster.

How do you plan on using your degree?

I plan to obtain a professorship at a university; I would like to actively research and publish materials, and mentor novice female scholars.

Rebecca is an SOE Student Ambassador. Contact her to get the current student perspective:

The size and structure of the program were appealing to me, a working professional and parent, and I was intrigued by the opportunities that existed to form strong bonds and work closely with my peers and instructors. I can confidently say that my greatest expectations were fulfilled. I had the opportunity to travel abroad, participate in experiential learning, establish close relationships, and work with dedicated and phenomenally talented professors and incredibly motivated scholars.

Demerris R. Brooks-Immel, O&L Ed.D. Alumna