Scholarships & Aid

The following scholarships are available to all USF School of Education master's or doctoral students. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the scholarship description.

Admissions Scholarship

Accepted students may receive scholarships to cover between one and six credits of tuition* in the first year of their program. All accepted students are automatically considered for these scholarships – there is no additional application. Scholarship recipients will be notified at time of admission.
* Scholarship funds include endowments from the SOE general scholarship, Oricello, Winberry, Oaks and Yellow Ribbon.

Social Justice Scholarship

This scholarship program recognizes and encourages USF School of Education students who are and/or seek to be transformative change agents in their schools, professions and communities. This scholarship is awarded to any School of Education graduate student who demonstrates outstanding dedication and vision for equitable conditions in schools and communities, domestically and internationally. Selected students can receive up to three credits of tuition.*

  • Eligibility: The Social Justice Scholarship is open to applicants enrolled in programs at the Hilltop Campus, at additional locations, and online. Past recipients of the scholarship are eligible to apply again for future scholarships, but preference will be given to students that have not yet received the scholarship (and meet the criteria). Newly admitted students are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Criteria: Student must demonstrate
    • previous and/or current experience in community service and engagement;
    • commitment to developing partnerships with marginalized youth, schools and/or communities;
    • personal and professional background related to issues of marginalization and social justice; and
    • financial need.
  • Application Process: Submit online application
  • Application Deadlines: Application, résumé and essay must be received by the following dates to be considered for the corresponding semester
    • Fall: August 1
    • Intersession & Spring: December 1

* Scholarship funds include endowments from the SOE general scholarship fund.

Graduate Assistantships

The School of Education awards a number of Graduate Assistantships each academic year, allowing students to work with a Faculty Mentor in the areas of research, teaching or professional development. Selected students will be paid an hourly rate for up to 200 hours per fiscal year (hours must be utilized by May 20).*

  • Criteria:
    • School of Education full-time faculty members will select students with whom they will work and supervise on the approved project or assignment.
    • Students must be admitted to and enrolled in a graduate program in the School of Education.
    • The proposed project must have a strong mentorship component, so that students are able to strengthen their research, teaching or professional skills.
  • Application Process:
  • Application Deadlines:
    • All applications must be submitted by May 21
    • The work may begin June 1

* Scholarship funds include endowments from the SOE general scholarship fund.

The Conference Presentation Stipend

All currently enrolled master's and doctoral School of Education students are eligible to apply for the Conference Presentation Stipend to assist in conference expenses. Applications will be reviewed by the applicant's department chairperson and faculty members.

  • Eligibility: Applicants must have been officially accepted to present (e.g. individual presentation, panel presentation, poster presentation) at a professional — national or international — conference related to their field(s) of study. Special Status students are not eligible to apply.
  • Conditions: The Conference Presentation Stipend 1) can only be used to cover conference-related costs such as travel/transportation, registration, accommodations and/or printing/duplicating costs; 2) is granted as reimbursement after all receipts of covered expenses have been submitted (original receipts must be submitted to the SOE Dean's Office immediately after the conference); 3) can fund a student for only one conference per term, determined as per the date of the conference (Term 1: January-July / Term 2: August - December).
  • Amount: The Conference Presentation Stipend cannot exceed $200 per term.
  • Application: Interested students should apply as soon as they receive their conference acceptance letter. To apply fill out the false (also available in the SOE Dean's Office and from department program assistants). Submit the completed form to the student's department chairperson.

The Fellowship for African Students

The Fellowship for African Students will provide up to $7,500 for a Kenyan student in any SOE program.