Program Overview

Program Delivery

To meet the needs of working professionals, the program follows a schedule of alternate weekend classes that convene nine times a semester (Friday evenings and all day Saturdays).

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Specializations and Professional Interests

Students are assisted on an individual basis by a faculty adviser in making course choices based on their areas of interest. Students have the option to change faculty advisers at any point in the program as their specific interests develop. Directed studies are opportunities to explore particular interests with a student-selected faculty member. Instructors for a particular directed study may or may not be the student's adviser.

The department offers several focus areas:

  • K-12 and Administrative Services Credential Program;
  • 21st Century Leadership;
  • Higher Education Leadership.

In addition, each semester there are special topics offered. Some examples include:

  • Principles of Organizational Change
  • Mentoring and Networking Skills
  • Communication and Effective Leadership
  • Research Trends in Organization and Leadership
  • International Development and Leadership


Elective credits offer another opportunity for each student to pursue individual intellectual and professional interests. In making selections, students may choose;

  • O&L courses
  • courses from other School of Education departments
  • or approved courses from the University at large.

Dissertation Development, Research and Writing

Dissertation support is provided by the student's dissertation chair. A close relationship develops between each student and his or her chair. Students are advised to consider their own intellectual and professional interests as well as the background and expertise of each faculty member in the process of making this choice. The dissertation chair may or may not have been the student's original adviser.