Board Members, Staff and Supervisors

These are the people that help make the Center for Child and Family Development and all of its programs successful. Without them, we could not help so many in our community.

Executive Board

  • Dr. Ernest Brown
  • Dr. Judy Giampaoli
  • Dr. Judy Goodell, Executive Director
  • Dr. Brian Gerrard
  • Dr. Caryl Hodges
  • Dr. Jackie Shinefield
  • Ms. Maryellen Mullin
  • Dr.┬áDaniel Emina
  • Mr. Ken Lee

Emeritus Board Members

  • Mr. Walter Steiss
  • Sr. Mary Peter Traviss, O.P.
  • Br. Ray Vercruysee
  • Ms. Janie Wong
  • Dr. Walt Gmelch

Graduate Assistants

  • Rachel Williams
  • Hayley Carolan
  • Aimee Evnin


  • Dr. Judy Goodell
    Executive Director
  • Toni Nemia
    School Outreach Program Director
  • Dr. Daniel Kugler
    Group Supervisor
  • Sally Levy-Albert
    Group Supervisor
  • Olga Rocklin
    MFT, Group Supervisor

Contact Info

Center for Child and Family Development

Offices are located at Mercy High School
3250 19th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94132

Outreach Program Director
Toni Nemia, MFT:

Executive Director CCFD
Judy Goodell:
(415) 239-9300