Center for Applied Data Ethics

At the Center for Applied Data Ethics (CADE), we are working to address ethical issues such as the magnification of unjust bias, increased surveillance, spread of disinformation, alarming uses of predictive policing, a lack of accountability for tech companies, and more. Our focus is on having a direct, practical impact. Our inaugural year is funded by a generous donation from Craig Newmark (founder of Craigslist). Rachel Thomas serves as founding director. Our work includes a mix of education, research, public policy, and civil advocacy.

Education Opportunities

Data Ethics Seminar Series
We will bring in experts on issues of data ethics in talks open to the community, and high-quality recordings of the talks will be shared online.

Tech Policy Workshop
Systemic problems require systemic solutions. We need thoughtful and informed laws to safeguard human rights, and we do not want legislation written by corporate lobbyists. We will hold a 3-day tech policy workshop, tentatively scheduled for November 15-17.

Data Ethics Course - Public
You do not need to be a USF student to attend evening courses at the Data Institute in downtown SF. We will be offering a Data Ethics course, to be taught by Rachel Thomas one evening per week in January-February 2020.

Data Ethics Course - MSDS Students
USF has added a required data ethics course that all students in the Masters of Science in Data Science program must take. This course will be taught by Rachel Thomas in March-May 2020.

Data Ethics Fellows
We are offering fellowships for those working on problems of applied data ethics, with a particular focus on work that has a direct, practical impact. We will begin accepting invitations this fall, for 1-year long fellowships with start dates of January 2020 or June 2020.


We plan to avoid corporate funding and the conflict of interests it poses.

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