A/B Testing and Beyond Certificate

This certificate program is intended for data analysts, data scientists and managers of data teams.

Over the last few decades, there has been an explosion in the amount of data that companies are using to inform decisions. Much of the insight drawn from this influx of data is correlational. Indeed data science is often associated with machine learning, which is powerful in its ability to find patterns and relationships in data for purposes of prediction and classification. However, the ease with which data can be collected provides an enormous opportunity to identify and quantify causal relationships, obtained via experimentation. When causal inference is required, a carefully designed experiment is necessary to evaluate the impact of altering one or more variables on some outcome of interest.

This certificate will expose participants to the value of experimentation and provide a thorough treatment of available methods and best practices in the design and analysis of experiments. Topics include A/B/n testing, factorial experiments, fractional-factorial experiments, and optimization techniques such as multi-armed bandit experiments and response surface methodology. This certificate will use both R and Python.


Dates TBA
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Location 101 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA


Continuing Education Units 2
Cost $1590
$1192.50 for USF students, alumni, faculty and staff