Data Analytics Team Management Certificate

Leaders in many industries are finding themselves in an unusual position: that of overseeing data scientists, data analysts and data engineers. Managing employees in these roles, however, requires a novel and distinctive set of skills that is not found within many organizations. This certificate will bridge the gap between a manager’s experiential or institutional knowledge and what they need to know to effectively lead a data science or analytics team.

The goal of this certificate program is to provide a foundational, accessible and non-technical understanding of how to manage an analytics team. Participants will be shown examples of how to define roles, establish standards, and effectively leverage data-driven teams to maximize business objectives. Finally, using cases drawn from a variety of industries, participants will learn how to use industry best practices to recruit and retain data scientists, engineers and analysts.

This certificate program is intended for professionals who find themselves managing a data science or data analytics team. In order to complete the certificate, participants must attend all sections as well as complete a number of readings.

Dates TBD
Schedule TBD
Location 101 Howard St. San Francisco, CA
Instructor Nicholas Ross
Continuing Education Units 3
Cost $2385
$1788 for USF current students and alumni