Intro to Data Science Certificate Series

The Intro to Data Science Certificate series is a four course, introductory sequence in data science topics. Participants will learn two common programming languages, SQL and Python; and use these languages to perform data analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning.

The series focuses on basic principles of data science, learning material from a bottom up approach and applying data science techniques to real-world data sets. Upon completion, participants will earn eight continuing education units (CEUs) as well as individual certificates and digital badges for each course in the sequence.

The Intro to Data Science Certificate Series is comprised of four certificate courses: SQL for Data Analysis, Python for Data Analysis, Intro to Machine Learning, and Applied Machine Learning.

Participants should complete Python for Data Analysis prior to enrollment in Intro to Machine Learning. Intro to Machine Learning is a prerequisite for Applied Machine Learning.

After participants complete their first course, a 10% tuition discount will be applied to the three remaining courses in the series.

Intro to Data Science Certificate Series, Certificate

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