Data Science for Product Managers Certificate

Data is at the core of product management. Today’s product managers are increasingly responsible for shipping machine learning-driven product features, making critical product decisions based on machine learning techniques, and developing strong partnerships with data science counterparts. Our Data Science for Product Managers certificate provides the foundational understanding of data science and machine learning necessary for extracting business value from the data produced by your product and your organization.

The certificate covers supervised and unsupervised machine learning topics, including classification, clustering, recommendation systems, and natural language processing, as well as analytics strategy, evaluation frameworks, and ethical considerations. Technical topics are taught with a focus on product applications, algorithm design, and product tradeoffs.

This program is geared towards product and business managers. While there are no formal technical requirements, we find previous experience in product or business management and data analysis to be helpful.


Dates TBA
Schedule TBA
Location 101 Howard St. San Francisco, CA


Continuing Education Units 2
Cost $1590
$1190 for USF current students and alumni