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Leslie Dennen on the USF Writing Center


We spoke with Leslie Dennen, director of The Writing Center, about how the center can benefit students from any class or discipline. Serving both graduate and undergraduate students out of Cowell Hall, the center does far more than consult on papers: it encourages students to have agency with their writing. In this short interview, we learned a few unexpected things about the writing center, including how faculty can contribute to the success of their students who take advantage of this great campus resource.

Rod Fong on Stereotype Threat


Rod Fong is a professor in the Law school who helps his graduate students confront and surpass limitations caused by stereotype threat. In this interview, he  discusses the impacts of stereotype threats and how they effect students at all stages of their academic experience, from the SAT to the LSAT, the Bar exam and beyond. In light of stereotype threat research, he shares some helpful applications for working with students.