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The CTE officially opened its doors in August, 2011. For the past three years, the task force assigned to imagine and design it has been hard at work.

We’re proud of the work the task force has done, and look forward to the years ahead as the Center continues to grow. Here is what we know so far:

  • Programs will be organized around three central hubs: Building the Teaching Community; Using Technology to Enhance Student Learning; and Presenting Traditional Faculty Development Programs (like brown bags and workshops).
  • Over the next several years, we plan to unroll a variety of programs for faculty at all stages of their career. We also look forward to partnering with other programs on campus which highlight and further develop our collective conversation about teaching.
  • The Center will adhere to these foundational values and goals:
    • We will foster conversation among faculty across disciplines, across schools, and at all stages of their career.
    • Faculty participation is voluntary.
    • Faculty participation is confidential. The Center will not keep records of the names of participants and will not report faculty participation to any administrators. If faculty wish to have documentation of their participation, the Center will provide it.
    • The Center does no evaluation of teaching for the purposes of tenure and promotion.
    • The Center will evolve to meet real faculty needs

Feel free to contact us, or any of the faculty on the Steering Committee with comments and suggestions.

Mathew Mitchell and Keally McBride
Co-Directors, Center for Teaching Excellence

The CTE Steering Committee

The CTE task force which shaped plans for the Center became the CTE Steering Committee. Membership comprises representatives from each school, the Library, and CIT. Members will serve two-year terms and are nominated by their respective Deans. Additionally, winners of the University Distinguished Teaching Award may sit on the committee for one year following their award.

Current Members

  1. Araujo, Arturo
    Arts & Sciences, Art + Architecture, 2013-2015
  2. Capitelli, Sarah
    Education, Teacher Education, 2013-2015
  3. Dixon, Onllwyn
    Education, International and Multicultural Education, adjunct, 2014–2016
  4. Gilgan, Amy
    Library, 2013-2015
  5. Holler, David
    Arts & Sciences, Rhetoric & Language, 2014–2016
  6. Joshi, Alark
    Arts & Sciences, Computer Sciences, 2014–2016
  7. Lusheck, Kate
    Arts & Sciences, Art + Architecture, 2014–2016
  8. Purpora, Christina
    Nursing, 2014–2016
  9. Rafael, Mark
    Arts & Sciences, Performing Arts, adjunct, 2013-2015
  10. Sidaoui, Mouwafac
    Management, Business Analytics and Information Systems, 2014–2016
  11. Travis, Michelle
    Law, 2014–2016