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The John Lo Schiavo S.J. Center for Science and Innovation - Construction Information

CSI Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many labs / classrooms will there be in the new building?

A. There will be 17 new classrooms and labs

Q. How high will the construction fence be and will people be able to see into the site if they want?

A. The construction fence will be 10’ high. People will be able to see into the site from windows in the University Center, Harney, Cowell and Kalmanovitz.

Q. What are the hours for construction?

A. 8am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Workers will arrive to the site starting at 7am. Weekend work is not planned for however it will be scheduled on an as needed basis.

Q. Will there be opportunities for tours of the construction site?

A. Tours will be limited due to safety and the compacted construction schedule, however all tour requests need to go through the Project Manager, Kristy Vivas.

Q. When will the building be ready for classes?

A. Fall 2013

Q. When will we no longer be able to reserve Harney Plaza?

A. May 22nd will be the last date for programming in Harney Plaza.

Q. I heard there will be an additional parking deck added in the UC parking lot?

A. There are no plans to add an additional parking deck/level or underground parking at the UC lot.