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The John Lo Schiavo S.J. Center for Science and Innovation - Construction Information

About the Building Project:


The project geographical area (as indicated in the site plan bounded by the dashed red line) encompasses approximately 80,000 square feet with the building being approximately 60,000 gross square feet.  The CSI will include two major components: a three-story building and a two-story below grade structure.  The project will include a loading area and service entry to the basement level off the existing University Center parking lot.  The three-story building will connect to the south end of Harney at levels 2-5 of the existing building. 

Overall the building will include 17 classrooms and laboratories (wet and dry labs), instrumentation rooms, and support space (including a faculty break room). 

The Center for Science and Innovation is designed to achieve LEED Gold.


The Architect:

NBBJ - NBBJ was selected in 2007 through a competitive bid and interview process. NBBJ is celebrating its 67th year of practice and has offices all over the world, including three on the west coast, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco. nbbj

The Consultants/Engineers:

Forell and Elsessor - Structural Engineers FE
Timmons Design Engineers - Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
Timmon’s goal was to provide the necessary design to meet LEED Gold. Timmons achieved this by taking advantage of natural ventilation and natural daylight while following lab safety and containment needs.
Interstice Architects - Landscape
Interstice’s goal was to provide a landscape that included not only a high performing landscape but a learning landscape. Interstice looked at the native wildlife and how to promote their life on our campus through the use of specific species of plants.
BKF - Civil Engineers  BKF

The General Contractor:

Cahill Contractors - Cahill Contractors was selected through a competitive bid process in November 2010. Cahill Contractors, Inc. is a San Francisco-based firm recognized as a leader in the Bay Area construction industry for over 100 years. Cahill’s construction experience and contributions to the Bay Area skyline include commercial, industrial, civic, medical, residential and educational facilities construction, as well as construction management. Please visit for further information on Cahill Contractors, Inc. CAHILL