Undergraduate Major

To major in Computer Science, a USF student should have successfully completed four years of high school mathematics, including the equivalent of two years of algebra and the basic elements of plane geometry and trigonometry. Deficiencies in a student’s high school mathematics background may be fulfilled by successfully taking the equivalent mathematics prerequisites at USF.


The computer Science major includes 20 credits of lower division courses, 20 credits of upper division courses, and 8 credits of mathematics, as follows:

Lower Division (20 credits required)

  • CS110 Introduction to Computer Science I (4 credits)
  • CS112 Introduction to Computer Science II (4 credits)
  • CS 212 Software Development (4 credits)
  • One of:
    • CS 220 Introduction to Parallel Programming
    • CS 221 C and Systems Programming
  • CS245 Data Structures and Algorithms (4 credits)

Upper Division (20 credits required)

  • CS 326 Operating Systems (4 credits)
  • One upper division course for the Systems area (4 credits)
    • CS 315 Computer Architecture
  • One upper division course from the Theory and Languages area (4 credits)
    • CS 345 Programming Languages
    • CS 411 Automata Theory
    • CS 414 Compilers
  • One upper division course from the Applications Area (4 credits) 
    • Any CS 300 or CS 400-level course excluding CS 398/CS 498.
  • CS 490 Senior Team Project (4 credits required)

Graduate classes can be taken to fulfill the Systems / Theory / Applications requirements with the approval of the Department Chair.

Math courses (8 credits required)

  • Math 201 Discrete Mathematics
  • Math 202 Linear Algebra and Probability Theory

Science Core requirement

Computer Science students must take one of the following classes for Core B2:

  • Physics 110
  • Chemistry 111
  • Biology 105

The follow-on versions of these courses (Chem 113, Physics 210, etc.) are also acceptable.

Note: Students majoring in Computer Science must earn a grade of C or better in all of the mathematics and computer science courses fulfilling requirements for the major. Also no mathematics or computer science course may be taken more than two times.


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