Faculty Research Circles

Discover people across campus who share similar artistic, scholarly, and research interests or skills as you. Alternatively, find people with different skills and interests who can support your work and potentially serve as collaborators. The Faculty Research Circles will get you started in creating interdisciplinary interest communities.

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CRASE Interdisciplinary Action Group

Call for Proposals: Discerning security in the modern age

CRASE is committed to research, scholarship, and artistic efforts that directly investigate, address, and foster conversation and interventions emerging from broad interpretations and interrogations of the notion of security in the modern society.

Many of our current local, national, and international challenges stem from differing views of what is security? and what do we deserve security from? Many people consider security in terms of the public’s privacy from corporations and hackers; school students’ safety from violence; or the planet’s need for protection from human exploitation. The notion of security, however, is also used to divide people. Nationalist movements across the globe, emerging surveillance technologies, and other innovations and efforts, all deploy ‘security’ to animate their purposes while creating marginalization and destruction within vulnerable populations.

In this time of unregulated social media and cynical propaganda, how do we think about ensuring ethical protections and securities for the common good? How can creative and interdisciplinary scholarship help the public discern information critically so that we are not manipulated by fear?

CRASE is seeking proposals from faculty Interdisciplinary Action Groups, which represent teams of full-time USF faculty across at least 2 colleges/schools and 3 departments. These groups collectivize to conduct innovative projects which address our theme, Discerning Security in the Modern Age.

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Academic Social Media for Faculty

During this one-hour session, CRASE Program Assistant Sara Fan will come to your office and work with you to begin setting up your academic social media profiles for ORCID, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and