Social Media Standards

If you manage an official USF social media venue on behalf of your school, college, institute, division, office, department, or another academic or administrative unit, you need to use the University of San Francisco logo to brand the venue. Following these instructions will make sure that your social media venue is coherent with the university’s visual identity guidelines.

List of official USF social media venues

Add your USF social media venue to the official list


These standards tell you how to implement the visual identity of University of San Francisco in social media venues, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, flickr, and YouTube. You can only include the USF logo on your social media venue if you:

  1. Represent a unit that has a presence on the USF website and link back to that web presence from your social media venue.
  2. Manage your social media venue in line with the standards and requirements for official USF social media.

1. Does your social media venue link to a page at

University of San Francisco social media venues that link back to the USF website are valuable extensions of the USF online presence. Social media venues that are branded as belonging to USF also need to include a link in the profile description that takes visitors to the corresponding web page on the USF website. Use of USF visual identity elements is only allowed for social media venues that are able to provide a link back to a relevant landing page on the university website. If the unit that you represent does not have a USF Web page at present, but you want to create one, please contact

2. Does your social media venue officially present USF?

Official social media venues:

  • are supervised by University of San Francisco staff and/or Faculty, and
  • represent a school, college, center, institute, division, office, department, program, or another academic or administrative unit at University of San Francisco, which means that they are
  • not personal social media venues.

Follow these requirements to qualify as an official USF social media venue:

  • Connect with the Office of Marketing Communications: Fill out this form that will help you think through the strategy and tactics of your social media venue. Completing the form will also add you to the community of official social media administrators at USF and add your social media venue to the list of official USF social media.
  • Secure continuity: In order to assure long-term continuity, each official social media venue needs to list at least one (1) administrator working at USF, meaning that at least one administrator must be a USF employee and must have approval from a supervisor/dean to set up the social media venue and take on the work load to oversee it.
  • Take responsibility for your content: The public profile description of your social media venue (“Description” on Facebook, “Bio” on Twitter, by default on LinkedIn) must identify at least one (1) of the administrators by name. Contact information must also be included (e.g., an alias email address or Twitter handle), as long as the contact information is not provided on the USF Web page that the profile description links back to.
  • Collaborate with other official USF social media venues: Utilize the functionality of your social media venue to share content and connect with other official USF social media venues. Help feature each other's content, as long as it's relevant to your community. Some helpful resources are #USFCA, the USF flickr page, and this feed of content from official USF pages on Facebook
  • Play by the rules: Adhere to regulations and best practices of the social media platform that you are using, and follow the USF regulations for appropriate use of technology resources. Use your common sense and note that in representing your university, you are liable for the content that you post.
  • Continuity and timeliness: Do not leave your official social media venue unattended. If you stop making updates or the venue is no longer timely, make sure to remove your venue from public view. You can check in with the Office of E-Communications ( at any time if you feel overwhelmed or need advice on how/whether to keep managing social media venues. 

If you do not meet the criteria listed under (1) and (2), you cannot use the USF logo or any of its elements to brand your social media venue. However, you can use images of the USF campus, or images of activities on campus, and the social media venue name and/or description of the social media venue can be used to connect your venue with the university. 









For official accounts, please read the instructions below for branding of venues on the most popular platforms. Just right-click the images and choose "save image" to download the right profile image for your social media site. If you have any questions or need assistance locating suitable images and need advice on setting up your social media venue, please contact

Facebook Pages

The timeline design of brand pages includes 850 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall covers that can be used by official USF pages to feature our great university. The dimensions of the profile picture are limited to 180 x 180 pixels, which leaves little room for the USF logo. That's why official USF Facebook pages all feature an identical profile picture – the golden USF symbol on a green background. Official USF Facebook pages differentiate themselves through their covers and through their page names. Please spell out “University of San Francisco” within the page and include the abbreviation "(USF)" in the name of the page or group to improve search results. Note that only official pages may use the USF symbol or any other element of the logo in their profile pictures. The use of USF brand identity elements in the profile picture is not allowed for personal Facebook accounts or non-official USF Facebook pages.

Profile Picture Format: 180 x 180 px.
The profile picture of all official USF Facebook pages features the golden symbol on a green background.

The reasons for the coherent use of the symbol as the profile picture are the following:

  • The small squared format of the profile picture does not lend itself to visualization of both the USF logo and the unit distinction, whereas the symbol works perfectly in this space
  • The Facebook page name is an excellent unit distinction and displays constantly together with the symbol profile picture – on the own page as well as displayed on other walls
  • The cover area provides plenty of opportunity for specific USF pages to express their distinction and differentiation
  • The golden symbol on a green background represents the correct USF colors, which provide additional recognition of the USF identity.

Cover Picture Format: 850 x 315 px.
The cover picture provides plenty of space to feature our beautiful university, as well as adding branding and unit distinction. For the convenience of official USF social media administrators, the covers below are available to use. Please contact the Office of E-Communications at for special image requests, or for adding the logo with unit distinction to the cover picture.


Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr

The profile picture of all official USF accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, and tumblr features the golden symbol on green background. The username needs to be short and unique. If possible, use usfca as part of the username instead of USF to avoid confusion with other universities using the same abbreviation (although we were first). For the name of the account, include "University of San Francisco (USF)" to clearly differentiate your office or department from other universities. Use the bio to provide a full description and use the field "Website" or the bio to include a link back to your web presence on the USF Website.



The profile picture of your LinkedIn group offers very limited space to showcase the university identity. On the other hand, the group name itself is a clearly visible distinction for the name and purposes of your group. That is why official USF groups on LinkedIn use profile pictures showing the centered symbol with the full university name. Further unit distinction is achieved by the name of the group. Groups that are not (yet) official cannot use the University of San Francisco logo as their profile picture. Request the official status by filling out this form.

Group Logo Format: Will be visible in formats up to 100 x 50 px
LinkedIn USF logo
Small Logo: Will be visible in formats up to 60 x 30 px

Tip: With the USF University page, LinkedIn has turned into a great tool to identify USF alumni who might be valuable contacts for your office or department.


The profile picture, profile description, and the Twitter page customization, offer room for university identity and distinctions, whereas the Twitter “handle” is short. Official USF accounts on Twitter use the profile picture and the account description to create a clearly visible identity.

Special Twitter Profile Requirements

  • Include the abbreviation USF in the “Name” field (20 characters) to improve search results.
  • Use the 160 characters of the bio to describe the account and provide the personal Twitter “handles” of account administrators.
  • Use the “Web” field in your profile to link back to your page on the USF website and include the full university name to distinguish from other universities that use the same abbreviation.
Profile Picture Format: 500 px width (height varies depending on distinction)
In line with the limited number of characters in tweets, the USF visual identity for official USF Twitter accounts is brief: It features the monogram "USF" and the symbol, followed by the distinction below.

Only the official USF account @usfca on Twitter uses the profile picture with the full university name. Official USF accounts that have distinctions use the following vertical lockup, including the monogram, the symbol, and the distinction (in this case School of Law):

If you have an official USF Twitter account but you do not have a distinction for the USF administrative unit that you represent on Twitter, you can use the following profile picture, and let the name and bio of your Twitter account explain what administrative unit you represent.

Twitter account customization
If you use green and gold for the colors on your Twitter home page, make sure to use the appropriate USF green (Hex# FDBB30) and gold (Hex# 00543C) colors. If you prefer a background image, the use of an image of campus or campus activity is recommended. Make sure that you have the copyright to use the image. You can look through the official University of San Francisco Flickr photo gallery to find pictures of the USF campus that are available for use. Contact if you would like to discuss further customization options.


For the photo-sharing site flickr, an official USF account for your office or department should use the golden symbol on white or green background. The name of the account should include "University of San Francisco (USF)" in order to be easily identified and found in search and include contact information or a link back to your web pages on the USF Website in the description. Remember to tag your photos #USFCA in order to share them with the USF community.



The video channels on YouTube offer plenty of room for visual identity elements, namely the profile picture, the channel customization, and the option of branding each video as a part of the editing process.

YouTube channel visual customization

With a YouTube video channel, you have the following customization options:

Channel avatar: 100 x 100 px squared format icon that displays next to the channel name. Official USF YouTube channels use the University of San Francisco logo (below) as their avatar. In combination with a channel name that includes the full university name, the channel will be clearly branded as official and still be distinct through the unique page name.

LinkedIn USF logo

Watch Page Channel Icon: The watch page channel icon is a 25-pixel high image that has a flexible width, with a maximum width of 170 pixels. This is too small to include a USF logo with unit distinction. USF channels should not use a general USF logo in this space, as the icon is a button that leads back to the respective channel. Official channels should primarily not upload this icon and use the respective channel name as the distinguishing item on the watch page. Contact the Office of E-Communications at to discuss customization of this area.

Background image: Maximum 256K
A background image showing the USF campus or activities on campus can be used instead of a one-color background. See the official USF image gallery on Flickr for examples of available images. Note that you can use the top of the background picture as the top banner of your channel by setting the banner height in your channel settings.

Themes and Colors: Set the colors of background, wrapper, text, and links
If you do not use a background image, make sure to use one of the following colors for your background:
USF Yellow is Hex #FDBB30
USF Green is Hex #00543C
USF Gray is Hex #919194
USF White is Hex #FFFFFF

YouTube video branding

Videos produced by the University of San Francisco need to have start and/or end slide(s) that show the University of San Francisco logo. Please contact to request start/end slide templates templates that work for your video format.