Standards for Merchandise

A great way to show school pride is with USF branded apparel and merchandise. You'll notice that our Merchandise Standards vary somewhat from the Print Standards, but not a great deal. If you have questions about them, please contact Dale Johnston, creative director and director of university identity, at extension 2691 or

Merchandise On all university branded items, the university logo must appear in approved colors, black or white. The logo may not appear in any other colors. The official USF colors are:

  • Green: PANTONE PMS 554
  • Yellow: PANTONE PMS 1235
  • Gray: PANTONE PMS Cool Gray 9

On items where the general university is being branded, the Full Name logo with Tagline is preferred. It may be the 1-line, 2-line, or centered logo depending on the proportions of the imprint space.

The university logo may appear with or without the tagline, in accordance with your preference.

On items being branded with a school, campus, or program distinction, the tagline does not have to appear.

Though it is recommended that the university symbol appear with the logo, it is permissable for the symbol to appear as a separate decorative element.