PowerPoint Templates

To maintain consistency of the university’s identity, we have developed PowerPoint templates in both standard and wide-screen formats. Use the format that best fits your needs.

The wide screen format is 16:9 ratio. If a standard proportioned presentation is shown on a wide screen monitor, PowerPoint automatically stretches the content to fit the screen. This will distort your presentation and type and images will looked stretched. If a wide-screen format is shown on a standard monitor, the wide-screen presentation will view in “letterbox” mode, meaning the presentation’s proportion will remain constant and will be viewed with black bars on top and bottom of the screen. If you make presentations on both kinds of screens or do not know which screen you will present on, it is best to create your presentation in both formats.

Name Thumbnail Standard Widescreen
USF Logo Powerpoint Template Powerpoint template home title screen
Powerpoint template inside slide screen
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