Marketing and Advertising FAQs

Strategic Marketing Plans

What is a strategic marketing plan?

A strategic marketing plan lays out the overall goal and accompanying objectives, strategies, and tactics to support the goal. The plan is designed to ensure that the organization reaches the right people at the right time with the right message.

Why have a strategic marketing plan?

Having a formal plan ensures that everybody in the organization knows what is going to be done when and why.

What are the elements of a strategic marketing plan?

Every plan should have goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics. The goal identifies what the organization intends to achieve. The objectives, strategies, and tactics outline how the organization will achieve the goal.

  • Objectives are measurable and include specific, quantifiable end results with dates assigned.
  • Strategies identify how the organization will achieve its objectives.
  • Tactics indicate, specifically, what the organization will do.

Every plan should include an outline of the budget and timetable, making it clear how resources (budget) are to be allocated to achieve the plan’s objectives and when (timetable) specific tactics must be completed.

Every plan includes an evaluation process to determine whether or not the plan was successful.

Client Managers

What is a client manager?

The Office of Marketing Communications (OMC) has assigned a client manager to each USF college/school and certain departments/divisions to serve as a single point of contact for your marketing and communications needs. The client manager is your internal consultant to help you identify how OMC can assist you.

Who is my client manager?

Angie Davis: School of Law

David Macmillan: Athletics

Anneliese Mauch: Enrollment Management, branch campuses, College of Arts and Sciences, Gleeson Library/Geschke Center, Office of Government and Strategic Relations, Office of the President, Office of the Provost, School of Education, School of Management, University Advancement

Advertisement Creation and Placement

How do I request an ad?

First, answer these basic advertising questions to help you think through your advertising needs. Then, fill out our project intake form, being as specific as possible about the ad you envision.

Who will write the advertising text?

Because you are the experts in your program areas, we will ask you to provide us with a draft of the text. That text will be developed by our OMC copywriter and returned to you for review.

How long does creating an ad take?

Our average turnaround time is two weeks. Please keep in mind that it could be shorter or longer, depending on the information that is provided at the outset and how many versions need to be created.

Why do I have to use OMC to create my ad?

It is important for all of USF’s advertising to have a similar look and feel, thereby increasing our impact and leveraging the most from our advertising spending.

Why do I have to use OMC to place my ad?

We are able to negotiate better advertising rates if we contract all advertising centrally. This also ensures that we do not have duplicate or incongruous ads running at the same time.

What does OMC charge for advertising services?

OMC marketing services are offered at no charge

Basic Advertising Questions to Consider

Before deciding to develop or place an ad, try answering these questions. Then complete our online project intake form or contact us for help. 

What are you advertising?

  • An open house?
  • An upcoming performance?
  • The overall benefits of your program?

Why are you advertising?

  • To build the image of your program or department?
  • To drive attendance to an event?
  • To enroll students?
  • To sell tickets?

Who is the audience for your ad?

  • Current students and faculty?
  • Donor?
  • Prospective students?
  • USF alumni?

Where should you advertise?

  • What publications or other media reach your audience?

How much money do you want to spend?

Be careful, advertising is expensive. It’s easy to spend a lot of money quickly. 

Note: The cost you pay is for the ad’s creative design and media placement. OMC marketing services are offered at no charge.

How will you measure the results?

  • Attendance at an event?
  • Calls to a designated number?
  • Inquiries from an online form?