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Mission Statement

The LGBTQ Caucus is composed of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied straight USF faculty, staff, graduate students, and alumni/ae. The mission of the organization is to promote LGBTQ scholarship, community, and social justice. The Caucus' activities are grounded in the Jesuit and world religions traditions of respect for the dignity of every person and the use of reasoned discourse toward the pursuit of truth.

The Caucus' purpose includes:

  • Supporting USF's policy of nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation by pressing for a welcoming and diverse academic, living, and work environment
  • Promoting and facilitating connections across LGBTQ groups on USF's campus
  • Maintaining and expanding a network of USF LGBTQ alumni/ae
  • Forging links with other social justice organizations at USF and in the Greater Bay Area community
  • Developing a network with LGBTQ communities at other Jesuit universities
  • Supporting and disseminating LGBTQ-related scholarship
  • Fostering the promotion and discussion of LGBTQ civil rights in a safe environment
  • Creating opportunities for actions that lead to social justice for LGBTQ people