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Service Learning Uganda

Application deadline for summer 2011: November 2010

Uganda Made possible by the Foundation for Sustainable Development and generous funding from the Sarlo Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund, the summer service-learning program in Uganda aims to further USF's mission to educate leaders who will fashion a more humane and just world. Through immersion in various communities in southern Uganda, students will have a unique opportunity to engage in sustainable development work on subjects including: Micro-Enterprise, Environment, Health, Youth and Education, Women's Empowerment, Community Development, and Human Rights. Participants will engage in a semester of instruction at USF prior to their departure. They will then travel to Uganda where they will live with host families and work in community-based organizations for ten weeks. The group will then return to USF for additional instruction. Upon successful completion of the program and its requirements, participants will earn a grade for a four-unit USF service-learning course.