Brewed in Japan
Brewed in Japan
May 7, 2015
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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Bridging the Pacific

Nautilus Institute

The U.S. headquarters of The Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability is now housed at USF's Center for the Pacific Rim.

Nautilus Institute logoA Bay Area non-profit organization with over 12 years of experience as a thriving public policy think-tank and community resource, the Nautilus Institute is embarking on a strategy of developing tools for global problem solving and cooperative engagement focusing on reducing the danger of nuclear war. Nautilus is committed to creating, using and sharing improved tools of cooperative engagement with others in the field.

The presence of Nautilus at USF will strengthen the Center's coverage of events and research related to Northeast Asia, will offer publication and public event partnership opportunities, and will give a chance to students in the Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies program for work on the many initiatives that Nautilus has pioneered.

Along with the move of its home office to the Center, Nautilus is also opening two new branch offices, one hosted by Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia; and one in Eugene Oregon. By the end of 2004, Nautilus hopes to add three new partners to their existing network, in Canada, South Korea, China, and Japan.

This "Global Collaborative" will allow Nautilus to:

  • portray and introduce the full complexity of interrelated global problems in specific regions or issue areas to users
  • expose partner analysis and information to a much larger combined potential readership across topics
  • enable latent global problem-solving partnerships to emerge as needed
  • speed transmission of common knowledge across cultural and political barriers.

To find out more about the many projects and resources of the Nautilus Institute visit their newly revised website .