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Brewed in Japan
May 7, 2015
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Bridging the Pacific

International Affairs Review


The International Affairs Review (IAR) is a student research and publishing organization devoted to understanding international issues within an objective and analytical framework.

About us

Formed in 2010, the IAR was established out of a genuine interest in international affairs and a lack of USF based IR organizations. The IAR works towards building a student organization passionate in research, analysis, and the pursuit of conclusive understandings in topics of international affairs. In direct partnership with the USF based Center for Asia Pacific Studies, the IAR intends to provide an organization where USF students and professionals discuss and analyze global issues, while having a place among enthusiastic and high performing individuals who engage in international studies.

The Bi-annual Publication

The International Affairs Review publishes a bi-annual international studies journal. This publication is a compilation of the research and work of USF graduate and undergraduates, faculty, and Bay Area scholars; meant to provide objective analysis on a wide range of issues within a geographical region (Asia, Africa, etc) that changes per issue. The publication is released in an electronic format accessible online, with limited print copies available. After completion, the publication is then sent to USF faculty and organizations, as well as off-campus contacts and networks. The efforts of the contributors and editors within the IAR editorial board and general membership are therefore displayed throughout USF and to off-campus IAR contacts by means of their work in the publication.

How to get involved

The IAR is actively seeking motivated and engaged students who are interested in research and writing for the monthly publication, or who are simply interested in international affairs and want to contribute in other ways to the IAR. There are two ways to contribute written work to the IAR: the first being a staff writer who contributes regularly to the publication within a permanent column, and the other being one-time or multiple-time submissions throughout the semester. Students interested in being a regular contributor to the IAR publication should be able to meet standard time commitments based on publication copy deadlines, as well as research, edit, and finalize all work independently of other IAR writers. Both regular and varying contributors can expect their work to be promoted and read by a large number of USF students, organizations, professors, faculty, and off-campus institutes.

In addition to the monthly publication the IAR is also seeking students who have a skills with Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Excel and other related design and editorial software, as well as experience in website design and layout.

Please Contact us at:, for interests, questions, comments, or other related topics.

A message from the founders:

In the spirit of "In Omnem Scientiam, Veritatem Confugit," (one has recourse to truth in all knowledge), we founded the IAR with the premise that it takes the consideration and weight of all sides of an issue to fully understand the international topics that influence our world today. With this organization, we are striving to establish a home for the collaboration of ideas and perspectives to come together in the pursuit of objective research, analysis, and conclusions.

Cass Krughoff, Chris McLachlan, Founders, International Affairs Review.

Editors & Advisors

Cass Krughoff- Co-founder and head of publication department; International Studies, Honors in the Humanities, minor in Asian studies and Chinese.

Chris McLachlan- Co-founder and head of online department; International Studies, History major, minor in Asian studies and Chinese.

Shalendra Sharma- Editor and adviser; Department of Politics and IMF and World Bank consultant.