Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Research and Writing

Ethics and Society

The Interdisciplinary Research & Writing and Ethics & Society courses provide students with a solid foundation in critical interpretation, argument construction, and ethics. Students receive a thorough immersion in interdisciplinary methodology and investigation, with the course reading lists offering a diverse and challenging exploration of traditional and contemporary thought. Through their coursework, students gain historical and cultural perspectives and develop the critical tools needed to assess and act on a wide spectrum of societal issues. In the area of critical interpretation and composition, they receive a solid grounding for their work in the rest of the program. They acquire knowledge of research strategies and conventions and knowledge of how and why research matters in critical composition. In the process they investigate a substantive body of knowledge representing central currents of thought from a diverse and encompassing range of ideological, cultural, and ethnic perspectives.

The Writing Program and the Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment Process

While the Interdisciplinary Research and Writing course focuses on critical writing, composition elements, and research strategies, it also provides a unique opportunity to take advantage of USF’s Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment process in which students may earn up to 21 units writing about past professional or personal experience integrated with academic research. All students are required to take INTD 310. This class provides instruction in the traditional elements of composition as well as offering the opportunity for ISA essay submission on a three semester rolling basis.

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