Hospitality Management Major

Department Chair: Michelle Millar

The Department of Hospitality Management (HM), as part of the University of San Francisco's McLaren School of Management (SOM), offers a program of study for those students seeking business management, and leadership career opportunities in the global hospitality industry. Students receive a comprehensive business education through the SOM business fundamentals and extend their understanding of the hospitality industry in a broad context.

Through classroom theoretical work, professional industry experiences, and innovative thinking, students become well prepared to work in the hotel, restaurant, meeting and event, and tourism industries – all some of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world.

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Program Learning Outcomes

It is expected that Hospitality Management majors upon graduation will be able to:

  • Demonstrate leadership and team management skills necessary for success in a diverse and changing workplace.
  • Apply relevant service management strategies to the global hospitality industry.
  • Identify social, environmental and financial hospitality business practices critical to sustainability.
  • Identify solutions and opportunities for practical business scenarios.
  • Evaluate alternative strategies to challenges and opportunities faced by industry.

Department Goals

  • Develop knowledgeable, skillful, and responsible leaders prepared for successful careers in the global hospitality industry.
  • Develop students who can apply theory into practice.

Curriculum Overview

The McLaren School of Management continually updates its curriculum to satisfy the latest AACSB requirements and to assure that its students receive the full experience of studying at an excellent liberal arts and sciences university. Recognizing our students as individuals with unique interests and talents, the faculty have designed the business curriculum to support the focus and breadth each individual student requires. Course requirements are divided into the following areas:

  1. University Core Curriculum
  2. General Electives
  3. Business Core Curriculum and Foundation Coursework
  4. Major Courses (listed below)